Wednesday, October 03, 2007

No School?

Granted our house looks like a Little People toy store has plopped itself in the family room, and we have spent our fair share of time on the computer today, and Cinderella III was on repeat in the DVD player all afternoon - But as I sat writing in our homeschool journal this evening at soccer practice I was amused to hear Mary tell a teammate that she didn't have any school today. It always makes me chuckle (and grimace in case an adult overhears) when I hear it.

As she was making this comment I was listing:

~ piano lessons (M)
~ Journal Writing (M&K)
~ Reading Lesson (M&K)
~ Research dogs' ability to see color (M)
~ Look up the words imagination and imagine and discuss how we use it (M&K)
~ Counting to 10 in Spanish (M)
~ Went over 10x's and discussed how any number multiplied by 10 just has a zero added (M)
~ Zoo Tycoon (M)
~ WebRanger Website (M)
~ Read and discussed an article in National Geographic on the Crystal Cave found in Mexico in 2000 (natural gypsum crystals the size of cars) (M)
~ Researching whether glow sticks will glow longer when placed in the refrigerator or freezer. Discussed how this would make a good experiment for the science fair in February (M)

And later this evening we have read a couple of stories from the CM reading list for the week.

I asked her about it this evening and pointed out all the things we had done during the day, so she clarified and said that "Fun" school doesn't count.

Okay....But it is back to the grindstone next Monday. I'll make her open her math book so that she can say she has had school.



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