Tuesday, October 02, 2007

He's One!!!

Today is Robbie's first birthday!!! We actually celebrated his birthday last week at the beach, so today is kind of a low-key, family thing. In fact, dh has to work the late shift, so he isn't home for the festivities.

I took the children out this morning to Target to pick out their gifts for him (nothing like last minute) and we picked up some cupcake liners and sprinkles. When we came home Mary made the cake & cupcakes, by herself, including icing. And, this afternoon a few of the girls' friends have come over to have a little impromptu birthday party for him.

Other than party preparations we have had an interesting unschooling day. It is so hard to get back into the groove after vacation. Mary made a list of the things we needed from the store. I gave them a $30 limit on gifts for Robbie - they could chose to buy one big thing or a few smaller ones. Mary kept up the running tally in her head to figure out what they could get for him.

While at Target I had to walk through their 'dollar' area, and picked up a journal for Katie who had been wanting one since Mary got hers a few weeks ago. This afternoon Katie has occupied herself with writing rhyming words and other various things in her journal.

Mary has been working on her WebRanger badges online with a resurgence since earning a real-life Junior Ranger Badge while at the beach last week. Today her activity was unscrambling safety sentences. Honestly, I wouldn't have thought she could do it. And, in my defense she wouldn't if I was the one handing her a worksheet with sentences to unscramble.

It has been a good, quiet day, so far. Very different from this time last year - I don't even want to go there.



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Melora said...

I think keeping to the budget when shopping and baking cupcakes definitely qualify as educational activities!
Writing the rhyming words is a great idea -- I will try that with my Katie tomorrow!

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