Thursday, October 18, 2007

Trying the Sunshine Cure

Our home has been overrun with a 'cold' virus. Robbie was the first one to come down with it, and it has just moved up the line to me since then (skipping Katie who never seems to come down with the run-of-the mill illnesses - just the big ones). Since it is more aggravating than disabling, we've been trying to spend as much time outside enjoying our warm fall weather.

We went to the park Monday morning, walked to the grocery store Tuesday morning for some items (1 mile there, 1 1/2 miles back as we cut through the neighborhood to avoid the high schoolers letting out for lunch), and to another park yesterday after Mary's piano class.

We stilled managed to do our schoolwork Monday and Tuesday, but yesterday I was really feeling the effects of the cold, and fell asleep while the girls were watching "Tom and Jerry" with their lunch. Which basically precluded anything academic being completed.

This afternoon we are supposed to have rain and thunderstorms, so I'm thinking we may actually do some 'work'. We have managed to keep up with our readings, thanks to some evening snuggles and the girls starting to enjoy and ask for our assigned reading outside of 'school' time. Mainly, we have project work left for this week - Chemistry reading & lab, art project (straw painting) and the geography unit.

We'll see how much we get to this week.



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