Monday, October 29, 2007

Crazy Weekends

I guess I am just one of those wacky people, but our weekends are always much more stressful than our weeks. I look forward to Mondays. Sundays are downright painful for me now. This weekend was just exciting, fun-filled and exhausting.

After my last post on Thursday, I have even more wonderfully sad milestones to note. Emily, after many, many months of semi-potty training and taking breaks from the process. Has decided that she wants to be BIG, "like Katie". This means that she will now wear underwear, something she absolutely and emphatically refused just a few weeks ago. She knows the process and will wear undies - hopefully, soon she will put the two together. But we are getting there. And, yes she isn't a baby no more - as she tells me.

And, speaking of the baby, sniff sniff. The baby is walking. The end of last week he started taking a few stumbling steps. Saturday as I sat on the sofa I kept hearing him laughing in the hallway. Robbie has this wonderful deep tummy giggle. I get up to check on him, and there he is... taking a step and laughing, taking another step and laughing. By last night he was taking five to eight steps between DH and I. And, he will hold on to one of my hands and just walk and walk.

Here is the picture I promised of Mary's gappy smile. The next tooth is already wiggling and if I could get her to eat a candy apple she will have a bigger hole there.

It has been a big week for us - first lost tooth, potty training and first steps.



kitten said...

Wow! ISn't wonderful when they hit those big steps forward.

Melora said...

Oh my. Actually, All those steps (even the transition to underwear, made me a little sad. But it sure is nice for the grocery budget! Those first steps are so exciting!

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