Friday, November 02, 2007

Must blog...Something

I've been taking a semi-voluntary sabbatical from the computer this week. A lot has been going on, but not much I can share here...and not too much school-wise. We've managed to do the basics this week, or at least Tuesday through Thursday. Monday, the big girls were at my friend's house until 3 and got home just in time to change and go back out with my SIL to a Halloween party. As far as today, I will be happy to finish off the week with the basics. We can get back to everything else next week.

I have gotten the video camera working!!! Which means the girls have been in hog heaven outside filming themselves. I've been giving them pointers like to make sure they don't move the camera around really fast, to keep it pointed at what they are filming and to make sure they stop recording between shots. We have about 15 minutes of ground shots right now and a few minutes of what I am calling 'scootercam' (Mary riding her scooter with the camera taping.) I am excited about adding this tool to our homeschool. It will give both the girls an outlet to share their passions.

Our Halloween was great. A friend came over with her children and we all went around the neighborhood about 6pm. Emily tried so hard to keep up with everyone. When we came back Mary decided that she wanted to be the one to hand out candy, so she and daddy set up chairs and pumpkins at the end of the driveway. I think she had more fun visiting with everyone than actually trick-or-treating.

With Halloween over, now our eyes turn to the Christmas holiday. DH stopped by our local grocery store on the way home last night and they already have their Christmas tree, decorations and are playing seasonal music. Katie started asking yesterday when she could go see Santa. I am not ready for it yet this year...

The kids want eggs...must go.


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