Friday, November 09, 2007

What great idea

Someone linked this page on using Bubble Wrap to insulate windows on the Frugal Village board I visit often.

These sounds like such a great frugal idea to help with the heat loss we experience. Our bedrooms are all on the North-East corner of the house, and they will get cold in the winter. During the day I can keep the heat down at 62/64 degrees since we only use two rooms, but some nights last winter it seemed as if the heater ran all night just to keep the house at 67 degrees. I already use heavy winter curtains and shades, but feel like I need more.

With our limited budget this is something we can afford to do. If I hadn't been giving the kids the bubble wrap we have gotten recently to play with I could probably do this for free. Oh well, I'm shopping today and will pick up a roll.



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kitten said...

That sounds like a cool idea. Our house is well insulated and we don't have to turn on our heat as early as some folks. The last few days I'm still telling everyone to put on clothes or get a blanket. We did turn the heat on the last 2 mornings to get the chill out thou. Let me know if that works. Good luck!

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