Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Projects

We've had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope everyone else has also. The weather could not have been anymore perfect on Thursday. The girls got a lot of playing outside time with their older cousins, I had plenty of help chasing Robbie around and keeping him out of things. My MIL, as also, put on a gut-busting spread of food. And FIL and I bonded over a discussion of how children are raised and educated today, and the disservice that we are doing to them and our society. If nothing else I am actually starting to sense that we have a homeschool supporter in that house.

Friday was project day for us. I am not a shopper, at all, and avoid stores on black Friday like the plague. I did have to make a trip to the Home Improvement Store, but even there it wasn't as bad as it could have been. By 9pm when I made the last trip there for the day, it was almost empty.

We were tackling the kitchen countertops this weekend.
Step one was to remove everything from the countertops, including the sink. We even removed the counters to get to the ugly, space consuming backsplash. While most of the kitchen is built with real, and nice, wood. The counters are thick particle board.

While the sink was out I remembered the new faucet I had bought four years ago on a super discount. So we are going to replace that also while the sink is out.
We measured and tried to figure out the best way to lay the tiles in our non-square house.

The big girls headed over to their sleepover party around 4:30, so I decided to round up the little ones and go back to the in-laws for round two. This would give DH some time to work uninterrupted. After we ate, I called to see how it was going, "Slowly". So, DH's brother decided to come over and help. Boy did they get a lot done in short time.

I brought the kids back for their bedtime and was sent out to pick up the last box of tile that they needed.

Today, we just need to grout. Put the sink back together. And, even more amazing DH and his brother talked and decided that this afternoon BIL will come back over to do the backsplash with DH. I didn't think I would get the backsplash done this year. This will leave me with just having to sand and paint the cabinets this winter.

Then it is time to begin thinking about our next project????
- chimney liner needs replacing
- kids bathroom needs a overhaul, including the subflooring (this needs everything - new counter, new sinks - etc.)
- The office/playroom needs to be repainted and new flooring.
- Convert the garage into some type of room (we are going to need a new bedroom at sometime)
- Screen in part of the back deck

At least this will be next year's project.


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