Monday, November 19, 2007

Feeling Unmotivated

We have hit a period of major non-motivation in this house. Excitement, thrilling lessons all of it has hit a "blah". It is no good when even the mommy can't get motivated. We were going to go for a walk today to look at the wonderful fall color we still have, but amazements of amazements we awoke to cold and wet weather. It didn't help the mood.

The fact that we made it to the arts & crafts store to pick up our display board for the Geography Fair was the big accomplishment of the day. The rest of the day, I feel as though I have spent referring and getting Robbie out of places he shouldn't be.

I even went to lay down on the sofa this afternoon and had three girls land on top of me. Wonderful, yes - until the fussing and personal space invasion that was bound to happen. Honestly 4pm and the public school kids home didn't come soon enough for me.

Tomorrow we stay home all day... I'm going to pull out the paints, some manipulatives and turn on the classic music - see where that takes us. We need a change from the status quo.


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