Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Scare of my life

Robbie has had a cold since Sunday. Nothing to bad, just under the weather.

At 1:00 this morning he woke me up. I don't even remember what sound it was that he was making that woke me up. As I got closer to his room it dawned on me that he was making a really odd sound. I enter the room and could feel the heat coming off of him. And, this was with a dose of Ibueprofen before he went to bed. He was having a seizure! I have never had to deal with one of these before.

I woke DH up and he held him until it was over while I got a washcloth and we started trying to cool him off. The seizure stopped but it took Robbie so long to cry and respond to us in any sort of way we decided to make a trip to the ER. I called a neighbor mom, someone who would understand why i was calling at nearly 1:30 am to come over and sit with the other three.

Robbie's fever was 105 at the ER. They gave him several meds to bring the fever down and checked him out for pneumonia or any other type of infection. Thankfully they got it all under control and he has no infections, so just a viral cold. We came home two hours later, with Robbie and directions to double the fever reducer dose I was giving him.

This episode had to take several months off my life. I'm going to try to stay close to home today.



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Michelle said...

oh I'm so glad he's okay. How scary. I'm so glad you woke up.

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