Friday, November 09, 2007

Train Ride

DH heard about an organization in a nearby small town that does train rides on weekends. Just a little mile or two-mile loop. But, enough for the kids to really enjoy a TRAIN RIDE. My goodness, you would have thought that Santa had come early this year when DH mentioned he wanted to take the kids on this.

Saturday, after the soccer game, I headed out to do a little shopping for Christmas (each paycheck I'm picking up one or two items to spread out the pain). On my way back from dropping the gifts at my in-laws house, DH calls to let me know that there is a 4:00 ride. I am so not excited about this. I am worn out from stores and shopping and calculating prices in my head. So, he tells me that if I can just bring the van home he will take ALL of them. Yes, 4 children on the train ride. A completely empty house for me!! Hear the angels sing.

Everyone was a little chilled by the time they came home - but had a great time. I got a nap, and some reading and fixed dinner. It was great for everyone.



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kitten said...

Cool! I love train rides. I bet the kids had a great time. I bet you did too. Isn't wonderful to get some down time.
Take care!

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