Monday, November 26, 2007

A room to cook in

DH and I are actually stunned by how well the kitchen remodel went over the weekend. We knew doing anything would be an improvement. But, we didn't realize the we could actually do it as well as we did.

The old kitchen, looking its best a couple of years ago...
Old stove, cracked and peeling formica countertop, crappy too-small faucet and paneling. The kitchen is small. And, we cannot do much about that without a major remodeling job. But, when we bought the house nine-and-a-half years ago it was with the intention of doing something with the kitchen. Two years ago we did do the floors, but stopped there for awhile.

Well, we finally did the rest. Receiving the free new-old stove was the push we needed. This is the kitchen, almost done. After Christmas we will tackle re-painting the cabinets (I hate the cream color as it shows every bit of dirt, grime and fingerprints).

As you can see we are still cleaning up the grout residue. That will take a couple of days to clear up as it cures. As a celebration last night we got in there and made chocolate chip cookies. They tasted so good coming out of this kitchen.




Meredith from Merchant Ships said...

All I can say is WOW!

Melora said...

Your new counters & backsplash are gorgeous! New appliances are such fun. I'm sure you will enjoy all your holiday cooking much more in your new kitchen.

kitten said...

Congrats girly! I know you are proud! It looks good! After hubby and I finish with what remodeling we are doing in the house, we need to either find new cabinet doors to match the old ones or get all new. The kids have broke 3 just in a short time. Maybe we will make our own for they will be more heavy duty.
Enough on me. Enjoy your new kitchen!

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