Friday, November 16, 2007

Robbie Follow-up

We've stuck close to home since Wednesday. Robbie is doing much better, although still sleeping a bit more than normal. I think that is more a result of the cold. His fever broke during the day on Wednesday and has been nothing but normal since then.

I did take him to the doctor Wednesday as a follow-up. He showed no residual affects from the seizure and was happy as a clam. Still no visible signs of an illness other than a clear, runny nose. Unfortunately the doctor did mention that his high fever could have been an affect from the immunizations he received just the week before. Which makes me worry even more about what the vaccinations could be doing to him. Is he going to be the one I always worry about medically??

The good news is that it is unlikely, not improbable, but unlikely that he will have another seizure.

The weather has changed. It has gotten cold. Good cuddling weather. We have been devouring "Where the Sidewalk Ends", by Shel Silverstein. The girls are enjoying the fun poetry. Katie is all about writing and copying this week. She found an old phonics sticker book that has the different word-families with picture definitions and has been copying a page per day after we read them. I printed off a hundreds chart for Katie who is still struggling with getting her 'teen numbers' in the right order. She and Mary laid down on the floor and went over the chart together. It is so wonderful to watch them work together.

Mary and I are reading about Alexander the Great for history this week. She has also been spending a lot of time playing with manipulatives and the multiplication tables. She is back on her 'Sims' kick, this time with Sim Safari.

We need to get cracking on our presentation for the Geography Fair. It is only a couple of weeks away. This weekend I've got to go pick up the board - maybe that will help motivate us.

Today we are going to the NC Museum of History for a hands-on Native American exhibit and to see the new Lost Colony Exhibit. This should be fun and I am so glad Robbie is feeling better so we can make it.


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Melora said...

I'm so glad Robbie is okay! I've been off the computer this past week, so I didn't see Wednesday's post til now. Ed sends his good wishes too! That must have been terrifying. I'm glad they think he probably won't have another seizure, and Very glad that he is well enough for outings again.

The Museum sounds fun! I think I waited too long to go to the zoo (before it was too hot, now it's too cold), but a museum is a great cold weather activity.

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