Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Kitchen Renovations

About six months ago we had a friend give us the old stove from her own kitchen renovation. In our house old is relative. Our stove/oven was original to the house, 40 years old. Her stove/oven, a much newer 12 years old. If we stay here long enough we will buy a new stove sometime, but the price was right on this one.

It has been sitting in the garage since last spring waiting on a free weekend. Well, last week the element in the old oven blew in spectacular fashion, and so it was finally this weekend that we could install the new one.

Our existing stove was a drop-in, hard-wired and about three-inches narrower than the new slide-in model.

Old stove removed, then we had to wire the new outlet to plug the stove into.

The nasty hole that was left. Yes we have paneling in the kitchen. Who put dark paneling in a kitchen???

DH trimming away the countertop. Not to worried about aesthetics here as the countertop will be addressed in phase 2 over the Thanksgiving holidays.

Almost done...

New stove in. I was so excited over the added storage area - giggling and all about someplace to actually store the pizza pan and cookie sheets. It is the little things for me. The kids were excited that there is an oven light and that they can actually watch the food bake.

The added cooking space is great. Yesterday we baked muffins and could fit both muffin tins in at the same time. I have two large burners so no more cooking dinner in shifts, or trying to cook something on too small of a burner.

We have been cleaning sawdust off of everything. It is amazing where that stuff will settle.

In a week-and-a-half we will be tiling the countertop and backsplash. Good-bye 30 yr old laminate and paneling. After the Christmas holidays I will be attacking the cabinets with paint. No more white kitchen cabinets!!!



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Congrats! I know your proud.

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