Thursday, March 27, 2008

My job today

At 9:30 this morning, 5 cubic yards of mulch was delivered to our front yard. DH was going to move it to the playground this weekend, but the weather looks crummy. And, DH's family has recently experienced a loss and he may be attending a funeral this weekend. So, the girls and I decided that we could move and spread the mulch.

And we did!! DH will probably want to put more down. But that is okay we still have more than half left. (the company had a 5 c. yard minimum)

My other job today was to do some grocery shopping. I *heart* me some Trader Joe's. Each week I love this store more and more. There are always some special surprise waiting for me, and the kids love the treats I get for them. Tonight we are trying their frozen food for the first time - Mandarin Orange Chicken and Fried Rice. This is a change from me making from scratch every single meal, but it is soccer season and we are out two nights a week. In my laziness this week, we will give this a shot.

And, who can believe this sweetheart is going to be 18 months old next week?



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