Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Picture Catch-up Post

I've taken some really cute pictures the past couple of weeks that have just been sitting on my computer. Each set could really use its own post, but I know that I just wouldn't get to it.

Some days Emily plays really, really hard. To the point that she just can't keep her eyes open anymore, no matter where she is or what she is doing.

Robbie found her bike helmet and brought it to her, so she had to put it on while she was watching her Noggin. A few minutes later she just collapsed. We actually left her like that for several hours, until her daddy took pity on her and removed the helmet. And, that is where she slept for the night.

I feel like I have spent quite a bit of time the past couple of weeks talking about how hard it is for Katie to do any schooly work lately.
My theory is: she is expending a lot of energy developing very important gross motor skills. Earlier this month she tackled riding her two-wheeler. She also started soccer for the first time. And, here she is conquering her old nemisis - pumping herself on the swing.
Way to go Katie!!

Squirmy Eggs

Sounds appetizing, doesn't it. It is Emily's way of saying Scrambled Eggs, but way cuter. Even more than eating squirmy eggs, Emily loves to make squirmy eggs.

Emily mixes them, Mary cooks them - and I get to stand back with my camera and enjoy. Or, go start a load of laundry and get dressed, whatever.

Sleep, play, eat ... important things in life.



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Dy said...

Oh. My. Word. She has GROWN, Amy! Oh, she's so beautiful. (Loved the helmet shot, too!) I love the big picture catch-up post. Going to have to do this sometime, or, as you said, it just doesn't get done.


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