Monday, March 24, 2008

Orange Moon Rising

I hope everyone had a good Easter Sunday. Ours was so-so. Mainly, because I'm just not a holiday sort of gal. Not Christmas, not Easter, not Halloween - and so on. I just cannot get into them, at all. Sorry kids that you end up with a ba-humbug for a mom. We did the requisite chocolate candy and small toy at the breakfast table and I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Otherwise we spent the day like any other pretty spring Sunday. I still have not made peace with my current crisis of religious involvement (I won't sat faith, because it is so much more earthly-based than spiritual), so no church for us this weekend.

I have really been enjoying the rising moons the past few nights. The glow has shifted from white, to golden, and tonight it is a beautiful orange color. It is a marvelous thing, how the atmosphere colors our world. But, why, oh why do I keep staying up so late? The house is so quiet, and nobody around to ask me a thing!

Our days have become somewhat hectic, but with a schedule to them. So, really not too bad. Just busy from 7:30am to 11:00pm. This evening I actually had some time to weed through my educational 'game' and 'centers' baskets. Cards, die and rubberbands had all become jumbled. No wonder nobody ever wanted to pull them out. While rummaging I came across the Yahtzee pads I *knew* that we had somewhere. So, of course we had to play a game. Katie is now able to join us in playing games together and it has started to become a somewhat normal thing for us to have a game night every couple of weeks, once the littles are in bed. The feeling I get from nights like tonight just seem to jazz me up. Even though we played a round of Yahtzee, then Katie and I did a puzzle, while DH and Mary played Battleship, and then I read individually to both Mary an Katie - I was energized. Whereas, most nights I am wiped out by the time the big girls go to bed.

The whole reason I was sorting out the baskets was that I was trying to figure out what we had. I am so bad about picking things up here and there and then forgetting about them. I am trying to put together some activity boxes for Katie. She has hit the wall with her schoolwork, and after going through this with Mary a few years ago, I am not going to even try to force the issue of school with Katie. Once Mary was seven yrs old there was a huge shift in our schooling that has only continued to get better. But the first two years, it was like trying to give a drowning horse more water to drink.

Hopefully, I am a little smarter this time around. We are stopping, pretty much cold turkey. The workbooks and handwriting are gone for a little while. I'm going to pull together all my card sets, manipulatives, small games, file folder games and such , and make her activity boxes to use during our school time. I am in the process of trying to sort between preschool and early elementary so that Emily will have one also. We'll do this and read, read, read until Katie is 7 or so. I've already talked with Mary and explained why things are going to be a little different. She is looking forward to playing some of the games with Katie and Emily.

Once I am all set up, I'll be back to lesson plans for one, and that one I almost have good to go.

I'm starting to get the nods. A few more pages in my Ancient China history book and I will be asleep.



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