Thursday, March 13, 2008


At this time I should be digging through my closet trying to find something business casual and appropriate to wear and then hopping in my car and fighting though rush hour traffic to drive downtown and fight over the half-dozen available parking spots in order to fulfill my civic duty. But, last night when I called to find out if I was still required to show up for Jury Duty I was informed that "the court's business does not require your attendance," and I should "go about your daily business and disregard your summons". SWEET!

I really did not mind going all that much. DH just served last year, and he got to sit in the jury lounge and read a book all day, and then was sent home when the case was resolved at the very last minute. But, when the weather forecast said that it was going to be almost 80 degrees today and sunny, I really did not want to go. Let me serve on a jury any cold, rainy day that I would otherwise be housebound with my four little darlings.

DH is also going to be home today as he had already requested off, and who is going to give up a day like today to be inside a windowless office when one has a choice. This morning I am going to do some quick lesson planning for today. Not much, just enough to keep the inmates from getting to restless. Outdoor lessons seem like a really, really good idea today.


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