Monday, March 03, 2008

Welcome March

Today was a great day to re-institute our warm weather schedule. Mornings for outside activities and after lunch, lessons. Since it is the beginning of March, kite flying seemed to be appropriate. We packed a lunch, stopped by the store for some inexpensive kites and headed for the local soccer fields.

It was a beautiful day outside!!!

We even had a cultural lesson when we bought the kites. The clerk checking us out had grown up in Afghanistan and told the children all about kite flying and how it was the national past time. On the way to the park we talked about the history of kites. Which led to a discussion about China and its' one-child per family laws. (They have a friend who was adopted from China, and told them about that practice. ) It is funny how something as simple as kite flying can lead to discussions about how much control a government should have over their people. But, those are the rabbit trails that we can follow each day.


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Melora said...

Kite flying -- what a good idea! I ventured out today, and it Wasn't cold. It was actually very nice. I've gotten completely out of the habit of going outside, but I guess it is time to break my hibernation!
I love the picture of Katie riding her bike! Congratulations to her! (And I am glad to hear you are feeling at least a little better!)

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