Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Yesterday my heart sank as I sat in the doctor's office and heard him tell me that Katie had pneumonia. Flashes of recent news reports showing children laying in hospital beds in induced comas while breathing tubes stuck own their throats rushed through my mind. She was only a little sick over the weekend, how did she end up Tuesday morning barely able to stand with a 104 degree temperature.

He said it was a little spot, she could be treated at home and gave us a prescription for a high dose medicine. And, if she got worse to proceed directly to the ER.

At the pharmacy I had to wait, and wait for her medicine. It ends up Katie hasn't had a prescription filled since she was less than a year old. Katie doesn't get sick. While I waited I looked through the $5 DVD bin. I figured since she was going to be stationed on the sofa for a few days some new DVDs would be needed also. We got Nim's Island and Andre; little girls and their wild animals - perfect for Katie.

The rest of the day we sat and watched movies and watched Katie. Slowly her temperature fell back to 100, she began to sit up, to talk, to move.

Mary, became Katie's guard dog. She too had seen the news reports and being almost 10, understood that this wasn't just a cold. She made Katie get well cards, watched the same movie over and over (because Katie wanted to), and got Katie popsicles to suck on.

Last night the three of us slept in the family room. I dozed, waking every hour to check Katie's temperature and make sure she was breathing. She was, thankfully, and no wheezing.

They have not woken yet this morning. She is sleeping comfortably...which is good. But, I'm a worry wart and I don't know when I will sleep comfortably again. I have 3 other children who were a little sick over the weekend also. I've been warned that any one could get better and fall back very, very sick again quickly.

To steal a line from one of my favorite bloggers: "Kiss those babies".



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