Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shopping, Planning and more GS

Getting back from the beach I thought we might get in two 'school' days this week before the Thanksgiving Holiday. Silly me.

I got a call Sunday evening from the father of Mary's bestfriend. The one that moved away this summer. They were in town staying with him for the week, but he had to work on Monday. Could I help him out. Mary was beyond thrilled as she got to spend a whole day with her best friend. We also had dental check-ups on Monday for Mary & Katie, so everyone got to go hang out in the waiting room.

The girls' check-ups went great, and the really good news continues to be that we may be able to avoid any orthodontia work. Plenty of room in their jaws and every tooth coming in straight. We need news like that.

Yesterday I signed the girls up for their classes at the rec center for this coming winter. Even though the cost per class is reasonable, multiply that by 3 children and you get ouch. Mary and Katie are going to take a month-long class on Weather & Meteorology, Mary is going to take two months of art classes, Katie will do two more drama sessions, Emily will have 2 months of art classes and 2 months of Kinderdance. Those classes will take us through the end of February/early March (except for Drama which will run into April) when it starts getting nice again and sports start.

Katie wants to learn to play the flute. She has talked about it for nearly 6 months. DH and I decided to get her a flute for Christmas and I have been racking my brain trying to find reasonably priced flute lessons for her. My MIL came to my rescue by reminding us that our church offers beginning band lessons starting at age 7...for free. They can get her up to speed on learning to read music, hold the flute, make sounds and play notes. If she is still interested and willing to put in the practice, then we can look again at lessons. DH is totally on board with that. He started on the trumpet through the church's beginning band program and went on to be one of the best by high school. He said he will take her to the lessons so that he can work on getting his lips back on the trumpet by Easter.

I also managed to find time to finish Christmas shopping yesterday. Point. Click. Check Out. Yep, mostly an on-line Christmas for us. Now, I can just concentrate on stressing out about a lot of other things between now and Christmas.

We had another GS meeting last night with the Juniors. It was a really good meeting, and we really needed that. Mary was scheduled to give a presentation on her "Rocks Rock" badge she had finished. She worked a lot on Tuesday putting together the collection she was taking in to display and wandering around muttering to herself all the words she generally stumbles over. When we got there she set up a whole display, and as soon as the girls came in they all crowded around the table -- which made the whole presentation a lot less 'formal' and much more comfortable for Mary. She did a really great job pulling it together.

When we got home Mary insisted I teach her how to sew on badges so she could start doing that herself. It was nice to just sit with her and talk while we sewed. She did a pretty good job too. Those badges can be thick in places and hard to get the needle through.

Holiday starts today for the PS so I am sure my door will be revolving in a few hours as the kids in the neighbohood enjoy their freedom for the day.



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