Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Long School Day

Yesterday was a really, really long school day. The kids' creativity was in full-force, which meant everything seemed to lead to something else more interesting to do. And, since I've never been one to curb creativity it seemed I was just along for the ride.

Katie kicked it off by gabbing the play laptop first thing. She has been playing Hotel with it for the last week or so. But, then she found out that she can compose music and save it to replay. I could do nothing else but let her go with it for awhile before I started lessons.

Robbie and Emily "re-found" the Little People that had been ignored for the last six months or so, and proceeded to set up a village on our back deck. Thankfully, the weather was perfect for them to hang outside all day.

Katie and I still had to make up the nature observations and do our tree bark rubbings from last week. After we finished she ran off with Mary for awhile to check on the colony of lizards that live near our old garden. Those lizards are their very own soap opera...the have names and personalities. "No one likes the little one with no tail. He is mean and chases all the others."

I finally got them settled so that we could start working on memorizing the poem for this week: "The Owl and the Pussycat". After going through it several times - Mary had already managed the first stanza, they decided it would make a great play to act out. Off the two girls go to find props and set up the stage (family room). An old hoop earring of mine, some foreign coins we have collected, a green blanket became the boat, Emily called into service as the pig. Then 20 minutes of reading the poem TO THEMSELVES and deciding on lines.

Seriously, am I going to stop this just because math wasn't done or history wasn't read???

In the end, their skit was very good. And, they put it on again later for their ps friends. We got math done and put off Latin, Mary's science, and history for after it got too dark to play. And, they did good! While dinner simmered and we waited for daddy to get home we sat down and reviewed our Latin vocabulary (I'm not moving on until they know all the vocabulary from the first 5 lessons 100%), Mary read her science book and updated her science notebook with new vocabulary.

When DH came home he reminded us about the Leonid meteor shower overnight, *sigh*, which meant that we had plenty of time to read everything while we waited until 1:00am. For once, the skies were clear and we might actually get to see something.

We read history, and then since we had finished "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" Sunday night, I gave them a choice of their next book. The girls chose for me to start reading the Harry Potter series. This is going to take awhile....So, we read until 1:00am when we bundled up and went outside to lay in our neighbor's yard.

Mary was the first one to see a meteor, but it didn't take too long for us to see a few more. Being cold, slightly damp, and hearing unknown noises in the bushes behind us, we came on inside and headed off to bed after a very long school day.

Needless to say we are sleeping in a bit this morning.



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