Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Our Friday the 13th got off to an early start. All day on Thursday my computer gave me fits. Running slower and slower until finally this evening it all but stopped loading any programs. Sure enough, after waiting 20 minutes for my anti-virus program to actually open and start scanning the hard drive, I found several 'trojan' programs had infected the system. It took until nearly midnight before I could finish cleaning everything off the computer and get it back running at a decent speed again.

So, here I am at 12:30am waiting for my melatonin to take affect. It has been one of those days where everything has just been a little 'off'. It could be the fact we didn't have school on Wednesday, or the nasty weather, or just the fact that the earlier part of the week went sooo smoothly. The kids never could get really focused on school work. It was the day for the drill sargent, and I didn't necessarily want to be it.

But, even with all that we did manage to finish most everything on the lists, and got Emily to her kindergym class on time. Yeah us!! The only things we didn't get to were Katie's assignments to observe squirrels and journal about them, and the tree bark rubbings for her 'woods book'. But with it blowing a gale and tree limbs falling left and right - it wasn't the day for nature studies. We will try again over the weekend.

Later today, when the sun rises again, we have another full day of work. Plus, I have got to get out to the grocery stores. We have begun to run out of items in the pantry that could cause a mutiny by the children, like ketchup. They have even eaten the dregs of cold cereal that they don't really like.



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