Monday, November 16, 2009

Beautiful Weekend

Our rainy, miserable weather this past week ended with a beautiful weekend. We also had no soccer games to organize around for the first time since August.

Katie had a field trip with her Brownie troop to a local corn mill. After she was picked up I realized that the sun was out and it was time to tackle the garage. The past few months with all our busyness and not generally feeling well, the garage had becoming the dumping place for everything. It had gotten to the point I could no longer get to the freezer without worrying about breaking my ankle on something.

The kids spent the day outside as much as possible, making up for not getting outside for the last four days. Which, meant I got to sit on my now clean front porch doing little more than reading my current book; a very excellent biography of Abigail Adams.

Sunday, Mary spent the afternoon at a local State Nature Park. My co-leader took her niece and Mary to the event, where they did a service project (raking a fire line) and then hiked with a ranger. Since the whole troop did not decide to participate in this, I didn't have to go. I love that my co-leader is open to taking Mary to certain events without me as that was one of my concerns about being a leader to Mary's troop. I want Mary to experience activities without me being along. Most of the time I will have to be there, but I will take the opportunity for Mary to spread her wings without me when they are offered.

This coming week is probably going to be a bit disjointed. Last week, a friend of mine lost her brother and father. They were fishermen, not sure what happened, but during the storm last week their boat had problems and they went missing off Cape May. The memorial service is Wednesday and I am going home to offer moral support. The kids are coming with me and we will be visiting my mom until Friday. I'm reworking our to do list and am planning to pack up the school boxes. The girls are not very keen on this idea, but with Thanksgiving break just next week I don't want to fall off our rhythm.

I better get back to work this morning so we can hit the ground running.



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