Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Book MeMe - I was tagged

Lisa tagged me for the book meme. I was a little worried abuot this as I am afraid to try to guesstimate how many books we own. But here it goes...

1. Total number of books owned?
I have no idea???? I have books everywhere, double and tripled stacked on shelves, in baskets, on the floor, on any flat surface, in storage. Muliple thousands of books.

2. Last book bought?
I went out last week and bought a bunch of books. Some for me and some for read alouds for the girls. The last one I picked up was Fame by Karen Kingsbury. I love her Christian romance/family novels as just good escapism reading. They only take me a few hours, but I don't have to think.

3. Last book read?
Homeschooling the Challenging Child by Christine M. Field. Read this over the last few nights as part of my preparation for the fall.

4. Five Books that mean a lot to me:
Ohhh, this is hard. Because, almost every book I read means something to me. Here is the list. It will undoubtedly reveal to all my deep psychosis and multiple personality.

First of all is my Bibles. I have multiple translations, mainly because I love to see how each translation reads different passages. Along with this is my Daily Text which is my morning devotion book that is put out by the Moravian Church.

The Chronicles of Narnia. I was introduced to these as a child and enjoy reading them today. I have even begun reading a few of them to my children.

Gone With The Wind. I love historical fiction, and this is a classic. Every year in the spring I pick it up and read it again. It is a quicker read each year.

Riverside Shakespeare. All of Shakespeare's works in one handy college text. Leftover from college, but I still refuse to part with it.

The last is my collection of Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume books from when I was in elementary school. In my opinion very few of today's juvenile literature are as good as these. Funny, without being stupid and gross. These are my childhood books and they are dog-earred .

I don't even have room to get into my picture book loves - Authors like Virginia Lee Burton and Robert McClascky.

There you go. No need to inform me of my strangeness, I already know.

I tag... Aine, Jess, Scooby and ....



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