Thursday, June 09, 2005

"An Energy Burst, Captain"

I do not know what is up with me but I have been riding an energy burst. This week has been really productive and I keep looking around and trying to figure out what other projects I can do.

In the past couple of days I have completed:

Heavy, clorox cleaning of two bathrooms
Rearranging/Cleaning of MB's and K's room (Considered ripping up the carpet to expose the hardwoods underneath but figured I could not complete that job before MB came back this time)
Powerwashed more of the deck that DH had not finished and all deck furniture
Cleaned and reorganized kitchen, then stood around and tried to figure out what color I should paint it when we have the new countertop exposed. Still not sure.
Normal cleaning and laundry
Played, fed and loved to little girls.

I am not bragging, but just wondering where this energy is when I really need it. Like when all three of the girls are home, it's 90 degrees and they want to go to the park.

I have made up a list of the "big" projects for the house that dh and I need to do. Unfortunately I can't do any of it by myself...I have to wait on others...painful...painful. Can you tell I am one of those that makes a plan and is ready to go and get it done.

We go and pick up MB tomorrow. I have missed her this trip. We talked on the phone daily and she has had a lot of fun at the daycamp. Today my mom took her to a local museum for a special program they had on snakes. She was able to hold a corn snake and my mom said that she asked lots of questions so I can't wait to really hear about it.

Tomorrow we are meeting at another nature museum that is about half-way between our two towns. It should be fun. I have never been there but mom says that it is very centered on the wildlife along the Neuse River (Eastern NC wildlife) and that it is a very interactive museum.

Looking forward to having MB home again for awhile as this is her last scheduled trip until August.



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