Thursday, June 23, 2005

Not much really

I thank everybody for their comments to the post below. I do know that we are doing the right thing for our family by homeschooling. I guess I am just becoming a little nervous with all the planning, arranging and having to discuss it with family members. But at least they are asking questions about it instead of being judgemental and ignorant. I love my in-laws, and the fact is they love us and the girls a lot, but the idea of homeschooling is absolutely brand-new to them and I guess a little 'off.' In fact my mom-in-law did not realize that the compulsory education laws do not even apply to my daughter for almost 2 more years. She thought, as many I believe do, that 5 year olds must be in school.

The past couple of days we have been busy. The contractor has come out and begun the repairing and prepping of our house to be painted. My birthday present!! For three years we have talked about doing this and now I am watching the work happen. DH told me last night that I can even get a new front door. I have never like the front door, and it swings the wrong way for the way traffic moves in our house. Yeah, I have picked it out and it is beautiful to me. We are going to paint it red. I have always wanted a red front door. I will be posting pictures when all is done, because, well I am just so very happy about this.

I also finished the slides and research gathering for the bible study I have been working on since March/April. I took them to our Pastor, who is also a closet graphic and layout designer. He is going to help me with the whole "presentation" thing and also help me to weed through the oodles of information and narrow it down into talking points.This is designed though to be a little different then your small group discussion-based bible study. It is more of a seminar, information-sharing format, with introspective questions. I will be giving it in July and am very nervous about it, as I have never done something like this. I still have several logistical issues to work with, but feel good about the whole thing.

This is also the week where we find out where our congregation will be 'going.' A while back I mentioned that the larger church government had some issues with our new church and was going to replace our very much loved pastor, and become more involved in the everyday runnings of our church (totally against the laws of the church, but hey we are dangerous) {snark}. Our view point was the larger church was placing specific cultural customs (historical, not biblical) before the work of God. OUr music is more contemporary, we celebrate communion weekly and that sort of thing. But it also revolved around the fact that our congregation is made up of a lot of young 30's, twenties and college students*. Most who are very, very involved in the church community and larger community, but who don't have the deep pockets. (Big pet peeve of mine about churches and money) Anywho, we were told that we had not been growing in the appropriate direction. Excuse me, anytime you can attract that age people, not only to sit in the chairs but to show up early on Saturday and Sunday mornings for service projects and band projects, to participate as teachers and caregivers to the children, that is wonderful. I only wish I had started off my adult life the same way, it would have saved me a lot of heartache.

Okay, I got way off the point. This week is when they meet with our church board to discuss our future. They met with the Pastor on Monday and meet with the board tonight. When I saw the pastor yesterday he looked more chipper than he had in the previous six weeks. I am hopeful.

MB is back from her visit with the grandparents. She had a lot of fun, and the grandparents gushed about what a wonderful, smart and interestng child she is. Great time for all. Of course she came back with all sorts of new things, grandparents will do that.

Today, my job will be entertaining the children enough to keep them out of the way of the workers outside, because that is way more interesting than our normal life :). Hopefully tomorrow the workers will be at the stage that I can leave for a few hours and take the girls out to park day with the local HS group.

Have a great day.



* We do have some older members; grandparents, empty nesters and parents with teenagers. It is just that nearly half of our congrgation are younger and just getting started in their adult lives.

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another lisa said...

Love the idea of a red door - I had a friend who had one with a brass knocker - re: young adult population - interesting comments - at our church, we have a different "problem" - we have three age groups - about 100 over 60's - about 100 that are "middle age, ie. 40-55, and about 100 that are split equally between young kids and teens. (our youth group has at least 40 right now, ages 14-17)... almost no "young adults"... maybe 10! so it's interesting trying to get the older population willing to support the needs of the youth group which is doing so well right now... hope you can work it out...

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