Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Rearranging and Sick Kiddies

Yesterday morning little EM woke up with a fever and then by mid-day K was also hot. I could have blamed the red faces and dripping sweat on the weather, but no, DH insisted that I turn on the AC the night before. I can't understand, it was only 91 degrees and 93% humidity in the house.

The girls only symptom seemed to be the fever and a general lack of energy. So they had a quiet day around the house. I took advantage of the energy lull to do some rearranging between cuddles.

Recently I found a rug (finally) for our family room to go over the laminate floors so there is something to cushion our rears when we sit on the floor. I had also been paid by Wally World to take home a play mat that I found on the clearance rack. One of those neat carpets that have roads, stores and houses printed on them. I thought it would be perfect for K to play with her "Little People" on.

About a year ago we moved the two older girls and ALL of their toys into a shared bedroom. There has never really been enough room for everything to stay neat. Plus the girls do like to play in the family room. So I succumbed to the natural instinct of our family and yesterday I rearranged an area of the family room to accomodate a play area where all the "Little People" toys could be stored for easy access and the little playmat to play on. So far it has been great for K. Because she didn't have to go back and forth between the family room and the bedroom she was easily able to clean up and put away the toys.

I was able to put a small table back into the girls' room to accomodate MB's writing and art work that she likes to go to her room and do. I still need to get in there and organize the room a little better from the shuffling.

I also organized the two little 3-shelf narrow bookcases to stand up on the fireplace which holds current kiddo reading books and puzzles. These are two more bookshelves in addition to the two in their bedroom and the two large built-in shelves in the family room, two large bookshelves in the den and a bookshelf in my bedroom. And we still have books in baskets and boxed up in storage.

I even tried my hand at making tortilla shells thanks to mellinium hippies. They turned out alright, edible but not very pretty. It seems I am incapable of making anything resembling a circle out of dough. But rectangle-like shells do okay for making cheese quesadillas too. :)

It was a pretty decent day yesterday, all things considered. This morning little EM woke up without a fever and seems very happy. K is still warm and kind of cranky, but she also came down with it later. I plan to spend another day cuddling and seeing to whatever I can get to. My level of expectation is fairly low. Which is fine because there is absolutely nothing I HAVE to do today.



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