Thursday, June 30, 2005

Prairie Schooners

In continuing our study of the Oregon Trail, we made models of Prairie Schooners today. MB came up with this by herself, she saw the shoe boxes and said that they looked kind of like the wagons in the books we have been reading.

We used some shoeboxes from Walmart that have an angle to them as the wagons. Then using pipe cleaners and construction paper made the covers. The wheels were made from toilet paper tubes and toothpicks. MB chose to paint her wagon red and K chose blue. MB helped a lot, although most of the gluing fell to me since we used a hot glue gun. I think they turned out pretty well considering the complexity of the craft and the age of the girls.

It was really neat seeing how MB's brain was digesting all the Oregon information. She told me when things looked wrong and came up with some of the details. She says that they are still not done. She wants to make baskets and bedding to put in the back of the wagons. She also wants to make horses, but I have no idea how that will happen.



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Carrie said...

I love your prairie schooners! Have you read "Apples to Oregon"? It's a cute picture book about a family determined to bring fruit trees over the Oregon Trail. I believe it's by Deborah Hopkinson - you could probably find it at your library.

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