Monday, June 27, 2005

High-lites from the weekend

Just thought I would give a few high-lites from thias weekend. A lot happened, but nothing earth shattering.


DH worked all day. MB went to spend the day and night with her aunt. I puttered around the house and worked on some summer units for MB. Saturday evening I watered the plants outside and was attacked by yellow jackets who did not like the fact I was spraying water (unknowingly) into their nest. Had 10 stings, ran inside yelling for help (those suckers will follow you anywhere). DH gave me two Benadryl, spread some lotion on the stings and sent me to bed. I was asleep by 8 pm and slept straight through until 8 am this morning.


10:15 AM
Took K with me to church and left EM at home with DH. I had nursery duty and played with three toddlers (mine included). The two that were not mine were very serious and quiet and only wanted me to read books to them. While my own was climbing furniture, building and destroying with blocks, and generally loud. Yep, that is my child. At least she did not freak out this time when I held other children on my lap.

1:30 PM
Come home from church and was informed by hubby that he had decided that today was a good day to lay our new kitchen floor. So he took K and to the store to get vinyl tiles. I stayed and cleaned the kitchen so that we could move furniture around. When he returned we prepped and began laying tiles.

3:00 PM
MB returned. I visited with SIL for a little while. Played with MB for a few minutes then she wanted to help daddy. So we laid more tiles while the two little ones slept. Lay tiles, play with children, lay tiles, listen to children.

5:45 PM
Realize that we have 15 minutes to get to church for the meeting. MB and EM go with me so that DH could continue to lay tiles.

8:30 PM
Come home just soon enough so MB could join K in the sprinkler. Return to helping DH lay tiles. Girls come in and get ready for bed.

9:15 PM Put all three girls down for night. Went back to laying tiles. Realized that we are a box short. Floor all tiled except for the entry way. Decided I would head out tomorrow and pick up another box.

11:00 PM
Wendy's drive-thru picking-up dinner for DH and I.

12:20 AM (Monday)
Typing this entry and heading to bed.



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