Thursday, June 02, 2005

A lesson learned the hard way

There is no doubt that my 5 yr old must learn by doing and experiencing, She has proven it over and over again. When MB was around 3 years old she burned herself twice. She remembers both of them and will tell me all about them to this day. She burned her hand on a humidifier after we had told her over and over again to not touch it, then one night she snuck out of her bedroom and into the nursery where she promptly but her hand over the steam vent. The second time was on the stove. It was one of those split second things, but she had burned her finger by trying a burner after I had told her HOT, stay away.

She has been very helpful and safety conscious when she has been helping me in the kitchen lately, so I left her alone cutting hot dogs (with a table knife) while I changed EM. I heard the scream.
MB: K bit me! K bit me!
Mom: Let me see!
I take a look and see a blister forming.
Mom: That is not a bite, its a burn.
MB: Sobbing K pushed me and my finger touched the burner.Italic
Mom: Trying to console and get MB to the bathroom to run cool water over it. Its okay, Its okay. Take another look at the burn and it is on the pad of the index finger, realize the only burner on was in the back of the stove. Obviously she had to reach out with the finger to test what I said. Even as she kept blaming it on her sister she kept saying I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I know she is lying about it because lately that is her thing. (She told me she killed a rattlesnake last week at mom's house) But she is in pain so all I can do is comfort her and hope that three burns may finally convince her that when I say don't touch - DON'T TOUCH.



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