Monday, June 20, 2005

Question for computer people

I have a question for you blogger pros/ computer gurus out there. I normally use Netscape on my desktop for blogging, but since I finally got my laptop back I have been doing a few things on there using IE. This morning when I went to my blog using IE, the sidebar is all messed up, it is all the way down on the bottom of the page; but on my desktop it looks fine.

Readers out there: Is my blog layout messed up?

Is there a way to fix this?




another lisa said...

I know one time when my layout got all screwed up - I had to republish the entire blog... then it was fine... that also fixed a time when comments didn't work right.... good luck!

Amy said...

Ugh, blogger ate my comment! I was saying...I"m not a computer guru, but my blog does that when I have something too long on it. I would try shortening your bloglist title (the Homeschooling Blog Support Group one). If that doesn't work, I'm sorry I have no other ideas!

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