Saturday, August 11, 2007


Yesterday was Field Trip Day. With my mom here I felt a little adventerous and we headed to Greensboro and to visit ArtQuest, an interactive children's art museum. We seem to always do the science museums and were ready for something a bit different. The drive took us about an hour-and-a-half. Just enough time for the two little ones to catch a nap before we got there.

Driving into the downtown area I was surprised by how nicely Greensboro has revitalized their downtown. Greensboro has always been one of my favorite NC cities. But, now I am so wanting to move there. We managed to find a two hour meter right outside the museum, which kept us from having to cross too many streets with all the children.

You know a field trip location ranks high when everyone has a chance to do something. ArtQuest is a child's messy art dream. They had a clay room, and a paint room, In the other two rooms there were areas for Kapla blocks, dress-up, puppet show, recycled art, stamping, creating animation, weaving, twisting bracelets, paper quilting and velcro architecture, and a corner reading spot complete with soft pillows on the floor. Each station provided information about the type of art and a local artist who specializes in it.

It was small, but seemed to provide plenty of room for moving about and just having fun. I liked it because it was really easy to keep an eye on everyone and in the room with the dress-up, puppets and reading corner I could even let Robbie out of the stroller to crawl around and play.

We stayed for two-and-a-half hours. I could have stayed much longer but my mom needed to come back. It will be someplace we will go back to, and I am tempted to get a membership even with the distance it is from our house.

Upon leaving we had a wonderful surprise, it had actually rained!!! The temperature when we entered the museum was a whopping 104 degrees at 1:30 (well before the hottest part of the day). When we got in the car it had cooled off to 82 degrees with the rain. Ahhh - relief

We didn't get a chance to go for ice cream at "Yum-Yums", a UNC-Greensboro tradition. A disappointment there. But, maybe next time as there are other places we need to visit in the Greensboro area.

The museum was awesome and leaves me wishing for something like that around here. I am toying with the idea of sending the State Art Museum a letter telling them that they need to look into it - I bet they could double their membership by just making the place a little more family friendly.



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