Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A little bit of kindergarten

This afternoon Katie was BORED and UNHAPPY. And, since she is nearly 5, this in turn tends to make me fairly unhappy. See, she has started her Loud Whinnnn-ing thing again (I see it at her birthday and half-birthday times) and is sometimes a bear to be around. The other little girls in the neighborhood and her own big sister are not having a lot of fun playing with her right now, and I don't blame them. I made her stay home this afternoon, and will continue until she can learn to share and be nice AGAIN.

Since she was so bored and so very unhappy I decided to pull out some of the new things I had picked up for school this year. I found these self-standing pocket charts at Walmart in the mountains for cheap over tax-free weekend, and they even came with their own alphabet cards starting pack. I hadn't seen anything like this here and my mom had not seen them at the beach, but last week at the beach we found the packages of additional card sets. I just thought that it was kind of funny what you can find at the different Walmarts. I plan to make up my own card sets to go along with history and science for Mary, but these inexpensive sets are wonderful for early phonics and math skills.

Anyway, I figured I would let Katie test this out for me.

I set up the letters then she had to match the pictures with the starting sound. So much more fun than the workbook pages. She played with it for 20 minutes, even moving over to matching the pictures and word cards.

A little impromptu phonics lesson to cap off her day. And just another example of how I do Kindergarten by the seat of my pants.



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Melora said...

That looks like fun! I will have to get out our Junior Boggle again for our Katie. I just wish that those things came with lower case as well as upper case letters. (And that you guys lived closer, so our kindergarteners could get together more often!)

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