Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Solar Cooker

I didn't end up babysitting today, which gave us a lot more time for fun stuff. Since I wasn't prepared with anything more than 'the basics' I let Mary and Katie just go ahead and finish those things.

Then we pulled out a project that I had been wanting to do all summer - make a solar cooker. This is a project leftover from our environmental studies last spring. It just kept seeming so overwhelming to tackle, but I want one so badly. I had found these directions online - solar cooker.

It is a good project to be done outside, but since we would cook if we spent too much time outside I let them do it inside. I picked out the boxes and did the cutting with the knife. Found out we were almost out of aluminum foil and had no oven bags, so left the children with my mother's helper while I ran to the grocery store.

I got back and we got to work:

Applying glue to the aluminum foil
Painting the 'drip pan' - they really glopped on the paint so we are still waiting for this to dry.
The two boxes lined with foil
I've set it up outside to test it. Have a thermometer to see if it will actually heat up even though we are waiting on the black-painted drip pan. So far we are having problems with the prop holding up the reflector, I will need to find a better one.

If it all works out I will have Mary and Katie paint the outside so it doesn't look like a cardboard box and duct tape, which is what it is. I made it large enough to hold the crock from our old crockpot. So many recipes out there for solar cooking. This should be an interesting on-going experiments.



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