Monday, August 13, 2007

Very Slow Monday Morning

I am dragging this morning. We, I, stayed up late to enjoy the meteor shower last night. Finally had clear skies and I wasn't dripping with sweat just being outside at midnight. Unfortunately the only unobstructed view we have is to the southwest so we only caught the tail-end of them. And, my neighbors have the most annoying streetlight. Not only does it cut into our stargazing, but it shines right into our bedroom window ever since they took the trees out of their front yard. We could have gone down to the lake to meet up with the local astronomy club, but I didn't feel safe enough doing it without dh and someone had to stay home with the sleeping ones. Make note that next year I am going to try to schedule a trip to either the beach or the mountains around August 12.

The good thing is that I spent much of the weekend just getting things in order and ready for the next few weeks. Daily, detailed schedules are sketched out and flashcards made, books stacked up and pages pulled. I need to print off some things but still have not made it to BJs to get printer ink. Maybe this week.

I also went ahead and made our menu for the next three weeks. I've gotten lazy on our groceries and meals, and our budget has really taken a hit over the last two months. The garage freezer is overflowing with all those 'good deals' I havn't been able to pass up. Now is the time to use and not hoard. We are getting into our 'hurricane' season and I don't like to have a full-full freezer in case we lose power. In fact the menu is through the end of August, yet doesn't even use half of what is in our freezer. So I am guessing that I can cut our grocery shopping in half for the next two months before I start stockpiling again for winter.

Katie is gone this week, so school-wise I figured it is a good time to begin Chemistry and start, in earnest, more of the CM curriculum with Mary. The meteor shower last night was kind of like our celebration to the end of the astronomy unit we had been doing. Did we cover everything I would have liked? No, we never do. But Mary has a good understanding of stars, can pick out five different constellations and knows where to go to get more info on stargazing. Since the night sky is always there I am sure that it is a subject that we will never stop learning about.

I'm really getting sneaky...Emily has been replaying this 'Little People' DVD almost constantly for the last few days. When she gets her tv time, it is this particular DVD. So, I'm kind of tired of it and found over the weekend that I could switch it to French or Spanish Language. So she has been watching it in spanish the last couple of times. Mary found out and wants to watch some of her DVDs in spanish. He..he. Since they have them memorized in english this should be fun learning.

And, speaking of videos, I decided to reactivate our blockbuster account this weekend. We have not had it for a year now, trying to save money and all that. But, there are just too many good videos that I can use with the girls and over the last year I have found myself wishing that I could just go and get a video on subject X. Our library system doesn't do videos, heck we just got audio books last year. So an online video account is the best we can do. It is a resource I decided we did need.

I guess I better drag myself off-line and do some chores before Mary wakes up and we start our school day. She wants to have a sleep-over tonight so I am thinking we should actually have a positive lesson day and I can get some chore help from her.



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Melora said...

You are so Organized! I thought I was doing well to have my pages printed out for One day in advance. But it does make so much more sense to do it in big batches. We need ink too -- I am going to see if Amazon has as good a deal on HP cartridges as they did on toner for the Brother (it was Tremendously less than at Office Depot, which, of course, we don't have one of nearby anyway!). You inspire me.

By the way, Mary left her pink towel in our van. I'll send it on eventually!

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