Friday, August 24, 2007

Our own private cove

Last night I made the decision to go back to Lake Jordan Educational Forest. The plan was to not hike but to just hang out at the pond that is just off the parking lot. Of course we changed our minds once we got there. We decided to hike the closest trail and just see if it came out at the edge of the lake.

I'm so glad we did, because this is what we found:

All to ourselves. Peaceful and quiet - well, except for my kids.

We staked our territory and laid down the blanket. Even Robbie was happy with the choice
We waded and played in the mud, our at least some of us did.

Others jumped off the 'cliffs'
And still others enjoyed feeling the breeze off the water
We played guess that animal print?
Don't ask me I'm still not sure...I think it is a dog. But my girls liked thinking that it was a raccoon hunting for muscles.

Mary and Katie thought these stumps were sculptures.
They did have a beautiful shape.

And speaking of freshwater muscles, the girls found a few of these themselves

Do you see the size of that one - and it was alive.
Katie found another one.....

After exploring we came back to the blanket and let Robbie do his own exploring. I had brought sketch pads and pencils, watercolor paints and so forth. But apparently not enough blankets because everyone thought they should have their own. We snacked, we drew, we painted.

Then the girls headed off on their own again. While I watched from the blanket with Robbie. After 2 1/2 hours I called it a day. Robbie was tired, heck I was tired.

With promises of refilled water bottles and an air conditioned car we headed back up the trail.

Some were a little more tired than others.

We've all agreed that it was a GREAT field trip. And one that we want to repeat, just maybe once it is a little cooler. We were thinking of actually taking DH back down their one of these days he is off in the next few weeks.




Melora said...

I LOVE the new look of your blog! I wish I were so creative & talented with such things!

That forest looks like a fantastic place to walk, and the lake is beautiful! How wonderful to have it all to yourselves for the afternoon.

Sarah said...

How neat!!
It's so close, but I've never been to Lake Jordan. Must try it soon!

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