Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Day in My Life

6:20AM - I wake up with a start. Not because of the baby crying or some other noise. But because I suddenly sensed that I had forgotten to do something very important. I made a mental checklist and realized that yes I had not done several important things, nothing life-threatening. I lay there for 15 more minutes trying to will myself to doze off a little while longer. But, then I noticed that the alarm clock was not going off. Darn it, forgot to reset it last night after the storm.

6:35AM- get out of bed and decide to enjoy the quiet morning time. Go outside and sit on the deck and enjoy the early morning twittering of the birds. Send up a few prayers and meditate upon the coming day.

7:00AM- wake up DH since the alarm clock isn't going to do it. Go and begin my morning surf on the computer of my various boards. Nothing super interesting.

7:20AM- Robbie wakes up, this morning with a wonderful present. A blowout all over his mattress.

7:25AM- Kiss DH goodbye while trying to finish cleaning Robbie and his bed.

7:35AM-settle on the sofa to give Robbie his bottle and watch the morning news.

8:15AM- Emily wakes up, kind of. She curls back up on 'her' chair and wants her juice and to watch The Little Einsteins. I let her slowly wake up while I beginning fixing breakfast for Robbie - 'O' Cereal and peach yogurt.

8:45AM - Katie wakes up, or better yet moves from her bed to her chair to wake up. Emily is now ready for her breakfast - waffles.

9:05AM- I wake up Mary. She has to get up and dress to head over to a friend's house for the day.

9:20AM-begin trying to get everyone to dress and brush their hair.

9:55AM- finally out the door and in the van

10:05AM- drop Mary off and head to Walmart for some shopping.

10:20AM-Shopping at Walmart - only needed to buy Robbie's formula, and well, the two slinkies I promised Mary & Katie, and then Emily needs something. Ooo - look at those neat little workbooks for Katie and Emily. Oh yeah, I want to get a popcorn popper so we stop using microwave popcorn. Need some popcorn too, and look Apple Juice on sale. That sure was expensive formula.

11:15AM- Home from shopping! Robbie is ready for his morning nap and I am too. Instead I settle him down and put water on for to make some ice tea for the afternoon. I check emails and find very few exciting things. Make a list of the things I need to do for the rest of the day - which reminds me I have bills to pay. While I am doing all this, the girls are trying to figure out how twisted and 'knotted' they can make Katie's new slinky. I'm sure glad I spent that dollar.

12:30PM- I've written out all the bills and fixed lunch for everyone. Announced quiet time, which generally means that Emily and Katie are walking across the backs of the furniture and screaming as they jump down. I ask what will keep them quiet for 30 minutes so I can make some phone calls - they want a movie and pick ANTZ. I'm glad I taught Katie how to use the VCR, so I leave her in charge while I come into the computer room.

1:30PM- Making phone calls and filling out registration forms. I called and paid the last installment for our vacation house in September!!!! Yeah, we really are going and so far have not had to use any credit to do it!! I also called to see if Mary's piano class has a day/time yet so I can register her and schedule it - Not yet, they will call me. Called to see if a theater class for Katie was already filled - of course, because I am not a resident I will never be able to get Katie into the theater class. The woman offers me a one day, mom & tot class instead - Yeah, umm not exactly what I am looking for, for my FIVE yr old. Online register both Mary and Katie for a couple one day wildlife classes this fall. Will not find out for a couple of days whether or not they got in as they are free and very, very popular. So basically one thing was actually checked off and done.

2:15pm- Robbie woke up as I was finishing my stuff. Fed him a late lunch and tried to convince Emily that she really wanted to take a nap. Didn't have much luck there. Pulled out crayons and coloring books. Emily decided that the stickers looked like more fun so she covered herself and the parts of Robbie she could reach with stickers. Katie disappeared into her room for some quiet time.

2:45PM- Mary's friend brings her back to the house. She had a great time catching up with her old friend. She sees the new popcorn popper and wants a snack. I read the directions as she 'makes' the popcorn. Decide my children are seriously deprived as they are so excited to watch popcorn actually pop and fly out of the popper. Some day I may blow their minds and try to make it on the stove. Mary picks out a movie to watch while I go out into Hades the yard with Emily.

3:45PM- My friend shows up to watch the kids while I go to my appointment.

5:20PM- Back home just in time to call and find out that yes we do have soccer practice this evening. Race around to collect all of Mary's soccer stuff that has migrated over the summer. Can't find her light-weight hose, so she has to go with the heavy winter weight. Between that and the cleats that are too small because we haven't had a chance to go shoe shopping yet, Mary finds enough to complain about. I pinky-promise that she will have larger cleats by next week if she will just put those on NOW. I still have to redress Emily and change Robbie after his late afternoon snooze. Throw four frozen water bottles into the bag, hope they melt in the heat fast enough. We are out the door at 5:50.

6:00PM- Soccer Practice. The first full one I have attended since Spring of 05. Katie and Emily are now old enough to play with all the other younger sibs and Robbie is actually content to stay on the blanket as long as he could pull up the dried grass and eat it. DH shows up about 6:20. We decide that he will take Katie and Emily home and fix the gourmet meal I had planned *snort* while I hung out with Robbie and Mary. Gee, life is kind of different when you only have two children. I actually talked to the other parents from Mary's team last season.

I do have to say that around here I have yet to hear any discouraging remarks when I say that we homeschool. Tonight was no different. I heard how much they would like to do it and how close they are to homeschooling. We, supposedly, have a good school system, but lots of people do admit that homeschooling is a legitimate option here. I don't feel as if I have to 'hide' our decision.

7:30PM home from practice, dinner is cooked and the house picked up. I think I need me a wife.

8:00PM- Watching the show on PBS about penguins. Mary decides suddenly that she HAS to make a phone out of cups and string. I tell her I don't know where the string is and to wait until tomorrow. I put Robbie to bed and start Emily's bath, then find out she has decided to try anyway using ribbon from the Arts & Craft box. It actually works!!! After Emily's bath I let her stay up and finish watching the show, especially since she can tell me what type of penguins they are and that they live in 'tuhka'. At 9:00 I put her to bed and come out to find Mary and Katie engrossed in the next show which is the Mozart Ballet. They decide that they need to dress up and become ballarinas. I decide that this will give me 15 minutes on the computer.

9:45PM- they have become bored with the ballet. I feed them ice cream and we sit down to read two more chapters in Runaway Ralph.

10:30PM- After I finished they headed off to bed. I looked at the kitchen and thought about cleaning it, but decided to come in here to the computer instead. It's the thought that counts, right.

11:30PM- I'm finishing this post. DH has just come home from his Darts-night-out and is in the kitchen emptying the dishwasher and reloading it. We will head on to bed and see what tomorrow brings.



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