Saturday, February 16, 2008

Beginnings of the Garden

Since it is the middle of February it is time to get the cold weather crops in the ground. Last year I waited until March like the seed packs said, but then I didn't get much before all the warm weather set in. When I was talking with a gentleman at the local farmer's market about my lack of lettuce and broccoli, he said, "Honey," (the older ones always say honey around here) "those crops need to be in by middle of February 'round here."

So, here it goes:

DH and Emily enlarging the bed last weekend
The garden bed's squares all laid out. I have 50 sq. feet this year in the raised bed. There are also some other containers I will be using.

No, I didn't use miracle seeds. Mary and I stopped by the garden shop today to get twine and they had flats of baby lettuce and broccoli. I decided to try them out along with some seeds so I can have a continuous harvest for as long as I can.

Today I planted red-tipped lettuce, buttercrisp bibb lettuce, lettuce 'mix' of seeds, broccoli (both transplants & seeds) and spinach seeds. I can already taste the fresh salads....

While we are talking food; we had the best dinner last night if I do say so myself. One of our goals this year is to add more fish to our diet. I grew up on the coast, and like a lot of my friends that grew up down there we are not really fish people. It just always tastes and smells 'fishy' to me (go figure).

I picked up some frozen salmon fillets this week at the grocery store while they were on sale. We baked them last night with a little lemon juice/olive oil marinade. I also made homemade roasted potatoes and steamed broccoli. If it wasn't for the kids swinging from the chandeliers I could have closed my eyes and imagined us at a restaurant for dinner.


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Melora said...

Your garden is so neat & beautiful! Just love those strings. I want a raised bed, but I don't want to try to build one.

My kids (& Ed) don't much care for fish, which is a pity. Your dinner sounds delicious!

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