Friday, February 29, 2008

What Happens...

when the teacher is sick and there is no substitute?

The feline family curls up on the sofa
A day spent chasing Carmen Sandiago though time

Hard core literature being read

I was just so happy when DH crossed the threshold last night. Amazingly, the children were all happy and sound, the house was in one piece - although admittedly the playroom was a disaster area. The big girls did make it to gymnastics, thanks to my MIL. We did okay.

My fever finally broke sometime during the night last night. So, I am feeling much more aware and awake today. Today, being "Leap Day" I had promised the girls a day off. Although, I should feel guilty considering they have had a couple days off now with me being sick, I don't. This only happens once every four years. I was going to take them to the History Museum as a special treat, but don't feel quite up to that. We are just going to hang out here.

What will you do with an extra day?


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Dy said...

Oh, I'm so glad you've broken through and are feeling better. Kudos to the girls for hanging in there while Mom was sick, too. (Don't you love it when they get old enough to HELP?)


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