Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ski Weekend

This past weekend I did something new and fairly exciting. No, not skiing, packing up a car for a trip that didn't include diapers, wipes and sippy cups. Each year my SILs take their nieces and nephews over age 5 on a weekend ski trip. Since this was Katie's first year and the number of kids had bloomed to 5 I decided to tag along. DH's other sister also came which gave us a 5 kids-4adult ratio, not too bad. Emily and Robbie were left behind to have an exciting weekend with their daddy.

The weekend was AWESOME!! I have not skied in 10 years and was worried about how I would do. But, apparently, it is like riding a bike. I strapped on the skis and my instincts just took over. Not only did I amaze myself, but Katie also amazed me. I was apprehensive about Katie as she doesn't tend to be the most graceful and doesn't like it to be cold and wet. But, wow! She took to skiing like she was born to it. A few trips down the bunny slope and she was telling me to back off and leave her alone. She skied from 9:30am until 3:30pm, with me basically dragging her in to take breaks and eat lunch.



This was Mary's third year skiing. She was so thrilled to be there with her two older boy cousins. They spent the day racing each other down the intermediate and advance slopes.

We've already decided that we are all going to have to go again next winter. And, if I can I want to get the girls back up there one other time during the winter.

On the way home Monday we interrupted the school day lessons at Melora's, Accidental Blogger, for a quick visit. She thinks she talked my ear off, but that is untrue. It was so pleasant to sit and talk 'shop' with someone and not having to jump up every 5 minutes to chase a toddler down, that nearly three hours passed before I realized we had to get on the road again. Her family is truly a joy to visit. Thank you so much for letting us intrude and for feeding us lunch.

It was a nice little early February break. Now we have to buckle down to get our Spring quarter in. I've got my lists and am geared up to get things done. Of course the last couple of days being in the '70s have been so very tempting...



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Melora said...

Great pictures! That slope Katie is on looks pretty steep to me!
As soon as you guys left, Katie and Travis were asking when you would be back! Tomorrow? Next week? I told them it would probably be longer than That, but we really had a great time & look forward to your next visit!

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