Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dinosaur Exhibit and Getting Ready for Spring

We have spent the last week since returning from the mountains trying to buckle down and focus on our studies. Boy has it been difficult. The weather this week has been so wonderful. Temps in the '70s and clear. I did have the advantage though of a trip to the Museum of Natural Science on Friday with their friends. If we couldn't get our schoolwork done there would be no trip this week.

Public schools had a half-day on Friday so we went with some neighborhood friends and had a great time at the museum. The special exhibit they have right now is on Dinosaurs.

Since most of the other children had never visited the museum we also went through all the other exhibits. Mary and Katie really enjoyed showing off one of their favorite places to their friends.

This week we also got our income tax refund, and after paying some bills and socking away a lot in savings, I was able to take a small amount and do some special shopping for me. I am trying to teach myself how to knot socks and needed some supplies. I've been really good this winter staying away from the craft stores. Boy, it felt great to splurge and I did find a really good deal on some fancy yarns for only $1 (normally priced $6). I did pick up a book on knitting socks, some more double-pointed needles, and some beautiful sock yarns to make house socks for all of us.

And, since the weather has been so spring-like these last few days, it has made me start to think about the garden. It is actually about time to begin planting our cool-weather crops. I stopped by the garden store to pick up some more compost and some seeds (lettuces, spinach & broccoli). I was also able to get two more blueberry bushes, raspberry bush and blackberry. It will still be a couple more years until we will have fruit - but yum, yum!

Today, DH is out expanding our garden bed about another 20 sq. ft. Later this week we will plant our first crops for 2008. Then we need to plan on what we will have for our summer garden and how we will fill our extra space. It probably won't be that hard.



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Dy said...

Hey, you've been on my mind this weekend, and I wanted to stop in and say howdy! WOW, the girls are growing so much.

I hope you'll post about your garden. We expanded ours this weekend, although I have no idea why, as we didn't manage to grow diddly squat in the space we had last year. *sigh* It's an illness, I suppose. :-)

Enjoy this wonderful Southern Spring Weather!

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