Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Isn't that the way

It always seems that as soon as we get a good routine running and things are getting done, something happens to slow or stop us in our tracks. I know, I know - it is life. Thankfully, this time around it is only a cold and not the flu that so many are struggling with. By the middle of the day yesterday I was squinting through my runny eyes at what we had left on the 'To Do List' and wondering if it was worth it.

Mary and Katie seem okay - nothing ever seems to slow them down except for stomach bugs. Emily is cranky and spending a lot of time laying down with her blanket and whining for me to turn on Noggin for her. Robbie and I seem to be the two hardest hit. If I wasn't worn out by my own cold, Robbie would have done it. As it was he spiked another one of his absurdly high fevers last night so I laid awake most of the night checking and worrying about him.

Most of what was on our list yesterday didn't get done. The basics we did, but the extras and the history unit barely got touched. Instead the girls played a number of card games, colored their sheets for the Easter Coloring Contest at the local grocery store, "read" their magazines and played outside between rain showers. In our eclectic way, we will call that a fairly good and interesting day.

DH has taken on the task of encouraging Mary to do more reading by having the two of them read together every night. From the sounds of the laughter and giggles you wouldn't think they were doing very much. But wow, in a short period of time he has manage to get Mary to start slowing down and thinking about new words before blurting out just anything. After Mary reads to him then they read though one of his old "Garfield" collections together. If I had actually had the energy last night I would have tried to sneak a photo of them to share, but I didn't.

I have no big plans for today; the basics, maybe a little history reading, get Mary to piano... . I may call in some reinforcements to do something special with Mary and Katie in the afternoon so I can nap with the two little ones.



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Dy said...

I love Daddy-Child reading time. Theoretically, I'm supposed to use that time to do something productive w/o little ones underfoot. But I can't resist standing the doorway and watching. It does my exhausted heart and body more good than being in the kitchen, doing dishes. ;-)

{{Hugs}} Hope everyone feels MUCH better VERY soon. (I've been making the blogrun this morning and it seems *everybody* is getting hit this week! So this should be the end of it for a while, right?)


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