Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fun & Games

Since I've decided to go in a more decidedly *whole-language/sight word approach for reading instruction I've had to come up with some fun ways to introduce words and to help imprint the words in their memories. We have the weekly word wall - a list of some 60 words (most of which Mary knows now, the list will get smaller as we come to more and more difficult words). Mary likes to challenge herself to see how many she knows or can decipher the very first day it goes up. To make it even more fun, I am picking out 20-30 of the words to make cards out of for games like Go Fish and Memory. Mary is having so much fun with these games that I have also made up math equation cards for us to play 'War' with. I hope that these will help her recall her Math facts quicker.

*I have not totally abandoned phonics, but it is so stressful for and not working very well for Mary that I have taken to implementing covert phonics instruction. For example, her typing program, that she really likes, does phonics enrichment while teaching typing.

In addition to the games we are playing, Mary and Katie have really been on a creative streak lately. They spent the afternoon putting together and decorating a box fort in our side yard. of course this is when they weren't digging their hole, a la the movie "Holes" in our backyard. And, last night Mary brought me "The Rainy Day Book" a craft booklet we got from a visit to Chick-fil-a asking to make the tissue paper flowers to use as spring decorations.

It feels so good to be having fun with learning again.


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