Friday, February 15, 2008

The Days that flew

Where has my week gone? It should only be Wednesday, but no my calender says Friday. I think it has something to do with the holiday that really isn't a holiday. Our last two days have been spent on Valentine's Day. Which means in the scope of our life, almost nothing else got done. How does this always happen to us?

Wednesday we had errands to run for all those last minute "holiday" things. The first stop was to Dollar Tree. In our family a trip to any store, no matter the proximity, isn't a hop in the car and go around the corner type of trip. There is the hour beforehand getting everyone motivated, dressed (in something somewhat appropriate) and referring the squabbles over this and that. Then having to change the diaper that suddenly needs changing as we walk out the door.

We walk into Dollar Tree to find that someone has gotten a little happy with the helium tank and there are balloons floating everywhere throughout the store. All with strings hanging down at my shoulder level. Perfect for little hands in shopping carts to pull at as we go.

We got some of our supplies, but not all. So we also had to go to the grocery store to finish picking up baking supplies. While we were there I figured we should pick up a few groceries we needed to save me the extra trip later this week. I won't go into any details, but lets just say that I was constantly sidetracked by one issue or another and totally lost my concentration several times. I ended up driving away from the store while my really good, local, organic and somewhat pricey milk sat in the cart in the cart return. Of course I didn't remember this until I was home unloading the car.

This little excursion was so exhausting for all of us that once we were home, Emily grabbed her blanket told me she was taking a nap and went to her bedroom. I checked 5 minutes later and she really was asleep. With both the little ones napping it was safe enough to give the big girls the construction paper, craft scissors, glue and markers while I had "quiet time" on the sofa. The next thing I know it was 3:00 and the two big girls had finished their valentines, put a movie on and joined me on the sofa.

From Wednesday evening through Thursday afternoon we have been baking and decorating, and me - cleaning. They made valentine cupcakes (in heart-shaped tins) for their friends at gymnastics, their friends in the neighborhood and the friends we saw at the get-to-gather Thursday afternoon.

For me, coming home to dinner (cooked by DH) last night was the best gift after the racing around and disjointedness of the last couple of days.

And school - well CD players are a wonderful invention in a car.



Katherine said...

Hey Amy,

Wanna email me at willkat@gmail dot com ? I got your note on my blog and since we're in fairly close proximity I wanted to say hi more personally, if that's cool with you.

Cheers, Katherine

kitten said...

I really enjoy your blog, but don't have time to visit as much as I would like here lately. I just wanted to come over and say Hello! I really need to get to the hospital thou. Take care!
Thank you for all your warm wishes!
I'm really missing all my bloggong friends!

kitten said...

Oh! You live near Kat! Yall should meet! I just love her and I met her in person here will back.

A family of six living and learning. You might catch us outside in the mud or working on crafts. We always seem to be on the go, come on and join us.