Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fresh from the Garden

Yesterday we had a garden milestone. We finally, I felt, had large enough plants that I could actually harvest a worthwhile amount of lettuce and spinach for our dinner last night. I ended up with a collander full of leaf lettuce and spinach leaves - Yummy.

For dinner last night we had baked spaghetti, which actually was more like baked beef-a-roni as we have lots more elbow pasta than spaghetti pasta right now. And, a side salad. A couple of the girls wanted small bowls of salad along with dinner and I had one for myself. There was plenty left for dh when he got home from work and even my lunch today.

DH came home and fixed himself dinner while I was doing the bedtime routine. Before I realized it my husband had used every last bit of the salad for himself. My man loves salad!! I wish I had more room to plant more lettuce plants. We are going to have to enlarge the garden space next year!

So we will wait a few more days to have salad again.

Dessert was yummy strawberries with whipped topping. I love this time of year!



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