Thursday, May 10, 2007

Springtime Science

Tis the season when the outdoors become our primary learning classroom. Mainly, because I just can't keep them inside.

So far this season we have had numerous lizards and slinks caught. In fact, I think there is still one living in our bathroom where it got loose from the girls.

And, MB has started a collection of those large black beetles one finds in decaying wood. I think she is up to 20 in a bucket she has outside. She has even given them a habitat to live in. They are very interesting, especially if you come across the bucket after dark and you hear all the clicking and hissing they are making. It is a little freaky though to watch my 2-yr-old handle them like they are family pets.

This evening though was a highlight for the girls, well mainly MB and Em. My girl, K, wasn't really sure she wanted any parts of it.

I'm finishing feeding Jr., when MB comes running in and telling me she has something to show me. I figured she might have found the patch of potatoes coming up from the seeds we thought were duds. I was wrong.

A beautiful little green snake in one of the small trees along the fence line with our neighbor. Both our neighbor and myself watched it slither through the leaves and took photos. At one point it even ended up directly over my head.

Since we explained to MB that there was no way either the neighbor nor I were going to attempt to catch the snake, MB decided to climb up for a closer, birds-eye view.

Just as I was ready to call it an evening, DH actually pulled into the driveway making MB's night. This man will pick up just about any kind of snake. And, what a man. He immediately went into teacher mode.

No animals were harmed in the making of this post. And the snake was returned safely to the tree in which it was found.

Add this too the Black Snake skin we found in our back fence this morning, and it was just a snakey kind of day.



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