Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The grass isn't always greener

We live in an older neighborhood, with well, older people. They tend to be a little anal where their lawns are concerned - and I am sure that in some ways they hate having us live here. Our grass isn't really grass. Okay there are a few different kinds of grass seed dh has sprinkled here and there. But, for the most part it is weeds.

Our azalea beds/other various flowers are not the neatest. I tell people we are going for the wild cottage look. But really it is because with the children there are always many more interesting and fun things we could be doing. I got out there two mornings this past weekend to weed and pull vines away from the house. I figured the kids could come out and ride their bikes or just roll around. No, they came out and hovered over me, asked every two minutes if they could pull the wagon to the curb or emptied the wagon of the weeds I had pulled - onto the grass. Yeah, I have better things to do with my time.

Where was I going with this? Anyway several of our neighbors - including the two on either side of us, have yard services and people come out to treat their grass on a regular schedule. The grass is cut every two weeks - whether it needs it or not. Beautiful oasis' on each side of us.

Now we are dry, and hot and dry some more. We can't even pull enough moisture from the atmosphere for a good thunderstorm. But our weeds, native weeds that are used to the varied weather we have are green. From a distance the yard is green. And we have only had to cut it twice this year - which is a good thing as we didn't have a running mower until last night. Our neighbor, taking pity on us or just worried about how her yard looked next to ours, came over to mow it for us both times.

Our neighbors, have their sprinkler running so the grass will grow, so they can cut it again. It is still brown and the weather forcast doesn't have it getting any better.



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