Saturday, May 19, 2007

Homeschool and Grocery Update

My eye is doing better. The swelling has gone down significantly, although it is still puffy. It is just taking time. It doesn't hurt, but is still irritating as it bothers my vision.

We've managed to stay busy. History has become the thing around here this week. We are working through the Ancient Greeks. We've enjoyed reading through "Peoples of the Past:Ancient Greeks" which I picked up from the library before they closed for renovations. Friday we had 'dress like Greeks' day. The book had really easy to follow directions and we made a pretty good outfit for MB. She focused in on the statement that a teenage girl may receive only one piece of cloth (3yds x 2yds) which was to serve as her clothing into adulthood. The girl had to figure out how to make it fit.

K and EM have spent hours playing with tangrams and 'writing' on the white board. I've been trying to make sure K has at least 30 minutes that she can read to me when she wants to. It isn't everyday, but I'm trying not to push her.

The good news is that MB has decided that she wants to be home next year, not go to school. Can I tell you how happy I am. I really, really am!! I feel like this year was the year that we finally started finding our groove, and I really hated the thought of that being short-circuited. Anyway I can start planning her 2nd/3rd grade year. The big plan is to continue has much relaxed, child-led as we can until at least December. After that I will reasses and see if she is ready for more structure.

On my grocery challenge I have to say that I have blown the $200 stretch goal. We are at $215 for the month after my visit to BJs last week. But we were out of tp, needed formula for the rest of the month and I bought enough diapers to supplement the cloth ones for the next three months. I also went ahead and restocked our battery supply and got insect repellant (much needed). While I was there I picked up a few other things we needed, which of course is always the case. I'm thinking we will still make our $350 budget with only two weeks left and all we really need will be milk and more fresh fruit.

I better go, Em wants me to play with her and I still need to get the sauce going for spaghetti tonight.


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Melora said...

Glad your eye is better! And that MB is up for another year of homeschooling!

I think keeping your grocery budget to $350 for a month is an incredible accomplishment!

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