Sunday, May 27, 2007

Where has the time gone?

This has to be the fastest first year for any of the children. Next Saturday Jr will be 8 months old. The first few weeks after he was born and visiting him in the Special Care Nursery are still so fresh in my mind I'm always thinking of him being a little thing.

I am so thankful that he is growing so well and is such a very good, loving baby boy.
In just the past week he has decided to get moving. He finally sits without support, although prefers to be on his stomach when playing, because he just doesn't know when he might want to go somewhere else. He tends to go in reverse more often than not, and doesn't get anywhere very fast, yet. But I know it is coming.

Not only an active baby, he has a sweet and loving personality. He doesn't fuss all that much. Whenever he catches sight of me I get one of these...

I better not blink too much because I also can't believe that this baby

Is now this...

It's a good thing we homeschool since I would never see her otherwise.

Time just needs to slow down a little.



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