Saturday, May 12, 2007

May Grocery Challenge - Update 2

I did most of the grocery shopping for next week today. I only have one more thing to pick up this weekend while it is on sale, and I will do that tomorrow (sale runs Wed - Tue). Otherwise, I spent $35 today. This should cover the groceries for next week. What did I get:

Farmers Market
Lettuce - $2 for a large bag
Spring Onions - $1.50 bunch
Total: $3.50
I wanted broccoli, but got there 15 minutes too late.

Trader Joe's
Gallon Milk - $2.99
5 Bananas - $.99
3lbs Pears - $3.99
Doz Eggs - $.99
Mangosauce - $2.99
Total: $12.22

Formula - $12.12
Tortilla Shells - $.99
Sandwhich Bread - $.99
Ice Cream - $2.50
Salsa - $1.50
Total: $18.46

So far, so good. It is close to mid-month and I am at $78, still under the $100 mark. Hopefully we can keep it up with our menu we have.



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